Vega 50 Media Gateway

The Vega 50 media gateway supports both Analog and BRI implementations. In the analog configuration,  it supports both FXS and FXO ports. In BRI mode, channels can be configured independently for connecting to PSTN or to PBX.


Vega 100G Digital Gateway

T he Vega 100G VoIP Gateway is the most resilient single-span digital gateway in its class. Lync 2013 Qualified and Tested.


Vega 200G Digital Gateway

The Vega 200G VoIP Gateway is the most fault-tolerant dual-span digital gateway in its class. Lync 2013 Qualified and Tested.


Vega 400G Digital Gateway

The Vega 400G VoIP Gateway is a flexible, field upgradable multi-span digital gateway that can be deployed in single, dual or quad span configurations. It is the most resilient flexible digital gateway in its price class. Lync 2013 Qualified and Tested.


Vega 5000 Analog Gateway

Vega 5000 analog gateways are available with 50 FXS ports (for connection to standard analog telephones) & 2 FXO ports (for connection to PSTN telephone lines or a PBX).


Vega 3000G Analog Gateway

Easily connect analog telephony equipment to IP networks with the all new Vega 3000G Media Gateway. 24 FXS ports Voice, fax and modem support Flexible call routing for fallback and least cost routing, SIP support ,Large scale deployment configuration tools Interoperability with a wide range of legacy and IP equipment USB 2.0 for extra storage